A habit is a constant inclination to repeatedly perform an action. The behaviour may begin for all sorts of reasons, often in childhood. It may be conscious and serve a useful purpose eg washing your hands after going to the loo. Unconscious habits may result from stress, trauma or even boredom eg nail biting, hair twiddling. As the behaviour is increasingly repeated, it becomes habitual and may have nothing whatsoever to do with initial trigger. Hypnosis can help by empowering you to control the habit instead of it controlling you.

A lot of habits serve us well. However, we can also form unhelpful habits or negative habits. The first step to overcome these is to create mindfulness about the habitual behaviour; a behaviour is a habit only if it is something done without thinking about it. Moving forward, using hypnotic trance state, you will be motivated and empowered to kick the habit.

•Anti SmokingTherapy (Single session)

You can stop smoking with a single two hour hypnotherapy session.

Have you decided you want to stop? If the answer is yes, great, get in touch; let’s get this done!

But, if you’re doing it for your mother, partner, child, for your finances, or any other “ought to”, this isn't the time for hypnotherapy. You have to want to stop for you.

HYPNOTHERAPY Solution based By Teresa Rooney